Wednesday, August 29, 2007

...10 Ways of Loosing Ur Weight Without Medicine...

I had read an article about how to loose weight in a very healthy way, without taking any pills, milk, or even on diet..I'd try few of the steps given in this works actually..without u noticing it..But, terpulang la pada org yg nak buat tu..kesungguhan tu penting..klu buat dlm seminggu berturut-turut, rasanyer nnti akan jadi routine pada kite..senang kan..lagipun tkde susahnyer..Ini ada senarai 10 cara kite leh loose weight..
1. ~ Drink water, 8 glasses everyday. Boleh mngurangkan slera makan naturally
2. ~ Kurangkan garam (Less salt). For no reason, makan garam berlebihan memang undang penyakit pun..hehehe..
3. ~ Eat Breakfast. Menstabilkan hormon dan paras gula dalam darah, bleh kurangkan brain damage too..
4. ~ Eat and chew slowly. Result satisfaction.
5. ~ Eat a lot of fruits and vege's. The best source of vitamins, minerals, and more.
6. ~ Do not drink carbodinate's drink (Minuman bergas la tu). Contains of 7 to 8 spoons sugar, tak baik ntuk kesihatan.
7. ~ Chewing Gums. If u think of eating any junk food, chewing gums will let ur desire fly away..hehehe..Rasa nak makan makanan snek ke, kunyah gula-gula getah ntuk mengurangkan rasa lapo tu..better kunyah chewing gums yg berperisa mint.
8. ~ Kurangkan penggunaan marjerin. Ada banyak kandungan lemak tu..
9. ~ Rebus, panggang dan kukus. Suma makanan yg dimasak rebus, panggang atau kukus, bleh mengurangkan kandungan kalori dlm setiap masakan. Actually, i pernah berada di dalam routine pemakanan seperti ini, no wonder banyak mane meal i took, i still got body shape..i tak sedar rupenyer pemakanan begini helps me on taking care my healthy life.
10. ~ Eat less sugar. Kurangkan gula dalam makanan..bak kata iklan dari Kementerian Kesihatan. hehehe..

Nowadays, people especially women, want to look gorgeous, with perfect body shapes But diaorg tak fikir, akibat dari penggunaan ubat-ubatan yang agak berlebihan bleh beri kesan dlm jangka masa pnjang..Alaaa..kalau kite baca paper, kite mesti tau mengenai kesan-kesan pengambilan diet yg berlebihan, pills dan yg sewaktu dgnnya..
There are ways to loose ur weight. It's up to u actually to loose it in a healhy ways or in a drastic ways.It's all in ur hand. Till then..

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pre - Chapter

I'm back from Johor Bahru yesterday. A lot of things happen that mostly make me happy, but few of it make me feel sad and shocked. Yesterday, an accident tragically happen involved a express bus caused 20 passengers died including the bus's driver at Bukit Gantang near Taiping, Perak if i'm not mistaken. I haven't read the full news yet, but i know a little bit of that tragic accident. I'd feel sorry for those who lost any family members, maybe your friends, who knows. May Allah bless them all.

What i'm trying to say that, at the same morning of that accident happen, i'm on the express bus heading to Alor Star from Johor Bahru, when i arrived at Alor Star, one of my good fren had call me and ask me whether i'm OK or not (she had heard the news earliear than me..) I'm stunned at that time. Until now, i'm keep thinking what if i'm one of the victims? What would happen, will my family cry for my death? Will my frens cry for the lost? Hmm..What will happen to my parent if i'd die? I feel very grateful when God still bless me and keeping me alive until now. I would like to send my condolence to all family's members, frens, sistes, brothers that lost their loved one in that accident..
...This bouquet is dedicated to those who killed in that tragic accident...

Thursday, August 9, 2007