Thursday, September 6, 2007

...MyStupidSigh Intro...

Lets face it, i'm an ordinary female, who really like to express my thoughts to public, and to whoever have the time to read all these stories..To be fair, i don't know how to be a good writer actually..but i really like to write stuffs dat i saw, ideas, stories of people around me, the emotion inside me and things that i think can be shared with u, the readers..maybe can give u inspirations, ideas or probably solutions to the same stories dat u faced.
I'll always hope the readers will give comments to all my post from time to time, just to know dat at least one of my 'stupid sigh' help u a little bit..U are welcome to share any thoughts or to amend, correct my opinions, maybe i was wrong, but i did not realise, hoping u guys, can help me improve my 'stupid sigh'..

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